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“In everything she does, Lotus shares her open-hearted acceptance and support for other people’s ways of learning and knowing.”
Maggie McClain, Tampa, FL

You are caring and perceptive...a leader with heart who always listens and responds with wisdom.”
Barbara Brockhaus, Seattle, WA

ersonal Spirit Spa sessions are tailor-made for individuals seeking energy healing, spiritual growth and upliftment. Dr. Linton’s Spirit Spa methods help you to reduce anxiety, relax, support your immune system, stimulate mental and emotional clarity, and enhance your general sense of wellbeing, giving you greater access to the wisdom of your Soul. Lotus’ approach is personal and respectful, assisting you in recovering the blessedness of your own life and honoring the uniqueness of your individual spiritual journey. Lotus utilizes universal sacred sounds, energy healing techniques and sacred imagery to help you discard outmoded patterns and to connect with the loving guidance of your own Soul.

Spirit Spa Sessions, 1½ hours, $110

Reconnective Healing Sessions, ½ hour, $110

The Reconnection
(a one-time only experience) $333

:Lotus is available in person or by phone for all healings and consultations.



  Contact Lotus Linton, Ph.D. at: or (206) 675-0495.