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Lotus Linton

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“This workshop touched me at a deeper level, both personally and professionally, than anything I’ve ever attended before.”
Bonnie Ross, Salem, OR

"Thank you for facilitating our staff retreat. We're looking forward to our next experience..some of us are still laughing."
Indian Ridge School, Arlington, WA

with Dr. Lotus Linton

Dr. Lotus Linton encourages you to bring your Soul into all that you do, becoming the true spiritual healer, teacher, leader or artist for whom the new world is yearning. Lotus’ inspirational presentations on many spiritual topics include slides, stories and song, inviting enthusiastic and thoughtful audience involvement. Her classes and retreats allow you to delve more fully into your Soul’s deep adventure which can change your life and change the world. She has been well-received by audiences in the United States and in Australia. Her workshops are interactive, personal, meaningful...and fun!

Dr. Linton’s classes and presentations address such topics as:

  • RE-MEMBERING THE CIRCLE: Restoring the Sacred Hoops of Relationship
  • THE DANCE OF SUN AND MOON: Honoring the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Within
  • DEVOTIONAL ART: The Universal Practice of Altar Making
  • DOORWAYS TO THE DIVINE: Understanding Your Chakra System for Spiritual Growth and Healing
  • YOUR LIFE AS A SACRED ART: Accessing Your Creative Spirit in All Aspects of Your Life
  • SINGING A NEW WORLD INTO BEING: Using Sacred Song and Sound to Harmonize Yourself and Your World

Please check the Soulspring Calendar for current class offerings. Lotus is available to present at conferences, book stores, retreats and private groups and can easily weave her presentation around the themes of the gatherings.

  Contact Lotus Linton, Ph.D. at: or (206) 675-0495.