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"Lotus Linton's Sacred Waters Journeys have taken me to amazing places I've never seen before - geographically, personally, and spiritually."
Wally Reynolds, Seattle, WA

with Dr. Lotus Linton

ake an inward journey on an outer adventure! Recover your Soul in ancient and beautiful locations. As a sound healer, Lotus works with the relationship between water and sound for your personal healing and spiritual growth as well as for planetary transformation. She shares this ancient knowledge with those who join her on the Sacred Waters Journeys each year to the places and cultures of the sacred waters. Learn to attune to the energies of the landscape and discover the numinous qualities of sacred springs and holy wells. Offer your own healing energies toward planetary evolution at these watery altars. Sacred Waters Journeys are spiritually refreshing, inspiring and highly transformational. From the genuine soulsprings of our planet you will return home with a deeper connection to nature, to the beauties of culture, and to your own true nature...which is your Soul.

Sacred Waters Journey to Bali
Sacred Waters Journey to Cornwall

  Contact Lotus Linton, Ph.D. at: or (206) 675-0495.