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"This was no ordinary trip to England! Lotus made it a journey to the soul of the Feminine and changed how I see the world at large." Irene Simpson, Arlington, WA

with Dr. Lotus Linton

oin Lotus on an inner and outer journey to the holy wells of ancient Cornwall, England, land of the Goddess. This journey utilizes the power of sacred sound for personal and planetary healing. It is an opportunity for connecting to the electromagnetic ley energies which run through the landscape and the waters. Follow trails along the rugged seacoast and the prehistoric standing stone sites. Take afternoon tea and pastries in the quintessential English teahouses. Visit the outdoor Theater on the Sea. Savor the time to go-within in the Celtic twilight, falling asleep in soft beds to the sounds of the crashing surf. And walk each day through heathered moors to the hidden pools and springs where ancestors once sought favor and blessing. This journey is a gift to yourself and to the Earth.

Sacred Waters Journey to Cornwall,
August, 2011
Please stay attuned to this website for further information.

  Contact Lotus Linton, Ph.D. at: or (206) 675-0495.