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This was no ordinary tour but an experience of authencity where I was deeply immersed in the exquisiteness of the landscape and the peace of the culture. Lotus' spontaneous way of guiding her guests took me into homes, villages, temples and rice fields of the Balinese people, intimately mingling with them and experiencing their love of beauty and spiritual focus as a way of life.
Joy Lansdowne, Mukilteo, WA

with Dr. Lotus Linton

Treat yourself to a journey of Soul discovery in an ancient and mystical culture. Dr. Lotus Linton has many years’ experience taking groups to this emerald island and has found the soft vibrancy of both the landscape and the culture to be exceptionally healing for people of the western world. Because of Lotus’ long association with the Balinese people, you will have the opportunity to meet the finest artists, dancers, and musicians of the culture. You will discover how spirituality pervades the everyday lives of the people through their sacred arts. Fall asleep in thatched bungalows to choruses of frogs in the rice paddy. Visit ancient moss-covered temples. Participate in a sunrise ceremony on top of a volcano. Meditate in sacred caves. And gaze at the waters of the exquisitely beautiful holy springs. You will relish this first-hand experience of the uniquely Balinese form of Hinduism, which they call Tirtha Agama, The Religion of the Holy Water.

Sacred Waters Journey to Bali, August 2012.
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