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“Your leadership helped us to heal scars we never knew we had.” Judith Simpson, Corning, NY

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from Journeys, Presentations, Workshops and Individual Spirit Spas
with Dr. Lotus Linton

"It was in Lotus' weekend seminar that the truth crystallized for me that my unique experience, gifts and talents can only be added to the circle of life by me - that in demurring or saying that I'm not enough is to block my God-given power."
Billie McDaniel, Seattle, WA

"You are respectful and loving. You are an open personality who relates gently with whomever steps into your presence..."
Irene Simpson, Arlington, WA

"Thank you again for leading us into a wonderful and meaningful retreat. The energy and connectedness will remain with us for a long time."
King County Childcare, Seattle, WA

"You know how to get beneath the surface reality and touch the heart."
Karen Aurand, Seattle, WA

"You are a natural teacher who understands that learners who engage the material with their hearts as well as their minds have a more powerful experience."
Barry Maxey, Olympia, WA

" truly a visionary in her approach to teaching and learning."
David Tremaine, Lake Stevens, WA

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation...I enjoyed the way you integrated women's innate leadership abilities with your experience of other cultures."
Kathy Wilcox, Women's Business Exchange, Seattle, WA

"Lotus’ workshops are innovative, practical and fun. Her presentation style is entertaining and informative. Her ideas are based on many years of teaching, researching and traveling. They are practical and appeal to a wide range of people."
Dick Simpson, Burlington, WA

Contact Lotus Linton, Ph.D. at: or (206) 675-0495