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“I am absolutely amazed, moved, and touched by the depth of your experiences and your beyond brilliant beautiful writing style. I am understating how I feel about your capacity/talent to inspire and relate to the reader in a transcendent intimate way."
Dr. Pamela Hogan, Los Angeles, CA

by Lotus Linton, Ph.D.

Soul Springs: Seeking Self in the Waters of the World
Lotus’ Book

Soul Springs is Lotus’ spiritual autobiography and an inspirational guide for those on the quest for a deeply personal, authentic spirituality. She takes the reader on an in-depth journey to many landscapes and cultures of the world, searching for what the Celts called Awen, the essence of all spiritual knowledge found in the waters of the sacred spring.
(Published by iUniverse, 2002)

“The Grandmothers’ Manifesto”
Lotus’ Article
Lotus wrote “The Grandmothers’ Manifesto,” when her first grandchild was born. It has been said in indigenous prophecy that when the Grandmothers speak, peace will return to the Earth. “The Grandmothers’ Manifesto” is a call for all elder women, the grandmothers of all nations, to speak now and commit to upholding the Web of Life paradigm, the sacred interconnectedness of all life for the sake of the world’s children. (Published in the e-magazine, Awakened Woman in April 2003.)

"Saraswati’s Secrets"
Lotus’ article in the book
Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine
Lotus’ article “Saraswati’s Secrets” is included as a chapter in the book Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine, compiled by the artist Victoria Christian. In the article, Lotus uses the beautiful Hindu imagery of the Goddess Saraswati to portray the sacred relationship of water to sound and the applications of both water and sound to human and planetary health. Using personal and poetic stories, she describes how scientific discovery is now approaching the ancient indigenous wisdom of healing with sound and water. Lotus invites her readers into deeper levels of their own spiritual growth and transformation by learning to “sing the waters” of both the body and the planet. Artists Envisioning the Divine is due for publication in 2010.

The Rainbow Circus:
A Whimsical Journey Towards Enlightenment

Lotus’ Book, illustrated by Randi Hall

The Rainbow Circus is a fanciful guide to the chakras, the body’s major energy centers, as described by ancient Hindu yogis. Lotus has collaborated with the noted artist, Randi Hall, in creating this in creating this picture book for adults that is entertaining, informative, and, most of all, experiential. With its colorful and whimsical style, the book gives the reader the opportunity to go directly into right-brain experience, bypassing the logical mind, and thus approaching a more childlike state of alpha for deeper access to one’s Soul. The book is designed for those both familiar and not yet familiar to the chakra system, to come into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integration and balance. The Rainbow Circus is due for publication in 2011.

  Contact Lotus Linton, Ph.D. at: or (206) 675-0495.