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“I loved the way your personal story connected me with the sacredness of all those beautiful landscapes.”
Susan Appel, Seattle, WA

“We were taken on a delightful pictorial journey with Lotus as we vicariously lived, learned and laughed through her many adventures with the sacred waters of the world. Truly Inspiring!”
Judy Thompson, Seattle, WA

with Dr. Lotus Linton

Taking you with her on her personal, global water quest for spiritual vision, Dr. Lotus Linton uses slides, stories and song to revisit the sacred springs and holy waters of Earth which she describes in her book, Soul Springs: Seeking Self in the Waters of the World. Lotus’ picturesque gift for storytelling will draw you personally into her experiences: sitting near a goddess well in Cornwall, taking plunges in the Grand Canyon, meditating by a sea temple in Bali, and floating in a water hole within the Australian outback. Her accounts are distinctly feminine, often unorthodox, and sometimes very humorous as she reveals her experiences with the mystical properties of water. You’ll be amazed at the magical and healing aspects of water that science is currently discovering, and you will learn how to imbue water with sacred sound. Prepare for an evening of delight and inspiration that concludes with a beautiful slide show and a musical meditation on the sacredness of the Earth and her holy waters.

To schedule Lotus for a book talk in your area, call the Soulspring office.

  Contact Lotus Linton, Ph.D. at: or (206) 675-0495.