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"Actually, the book feels like a love letter to yourself and to the reader.” Dr. Pamela Hogan, Los Angeles, CA

"Lotus models the traits of honesty, beauty and the willingness to be humble, which is the true and tender beauty of women so highly honored in Soul Springs. It is a shining work!" Janet Worthen, Seattle, WA

Trade Paperback
Publication Date: Aug-2002
Price: $13.95
Size: 6 x 9
Author: Lotus Linton, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0-595-23593-X
164 Pages
On Demand Printing
Available from Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor, and from iUniverse, Inc.
To order call 1-877-823-9235

hy is the harbinger of the Age of Aquarius called the Waterbearer? Could it be that the true Grail of the spiritual quest is not so much a cup, but the water within it? Soul Springs: Seeking Self in the Waters of the World, tells of a uniquely female spiritual journey that has taken the form of a water quest on several continents. Searching for truth within many cultures and landscapes, the author was irresistibly drawn to watery places. She discovered that water is universally understood to be a feminine element. Soul Springs is a collection of vignettes revealing spiritual insights gained at the brink of water—at a goddess well in Cornwall, in the Grand Canyon, or at a temple by the sea in Bali. Each story is titled with a familiar religious term, such as "Blessing," "Communion" or "Grace," and evolves into a distinctly feminine, sometimes unorthodox, perspective as revealed to the author by her inner voice. Soul Springs appeals to the inner gnosis that is available to each woman, the liquid light of her own Soul’s wisdom.

"[Your book] felt like a pearl floating in the center of your Soul.”

Marvin Thomas, Seattle

"I read your book the night it arrived and was stunned by your courage, openness and willing spirit." Katie Thomas, Perth, Australia

"Your book has definitely become a part of my soul lexicon." Donally Kennedy, Seattle, WA

"I found the book a quick, yet very thought provoking read. I especially enjoyed [the] newly found definition of "virgin." Summer Bobsin, Los Angeles, CA

"I have read half of your book already and wanted to tell you how touched I am by your stories..." Cindy Cahill, Rochester, NY

"Soulsprings is a tale of enchantment told so beautifully that the reader quickly…joins in the quest for spiritual grounding. Dr. Linton's exploration casts a delightful spell of discovery, wonder and mystery." Bill Bennett, Seattle, WA

Author Biography:
Dr. Lotus Linton has traveled the world exploring the global aspects of a feminine-based spirituality. Her work is dedicated to helping others tap, express and identify with their authentic self, their Soul. Lotus' doctoral studies focused on spiritual transformation and Soul expression through the sacred arts of many traditions. Lotus has worked with people of all ages in diverse walks of life, ranging from professionals to prisoners. In private spiritual coaching sessions, classes, retreats, and journeys to the sacred springs on many continents, Lotus often calls upon the poetic and metaphysical powers of water to lead participants to the wellsprings of the Soul within them.

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