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Lotus Linton

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" I’ve attended so many seminars - but this one touched my soul.”
Sylvia Button, Qualicum Beach, BC

ur Soul is our True Self. It is the highest, deepest, oldest and wisest aspect of our being. The Soul is our very own channel to the Divine. Fathoming our Soul and giving it voice, we discover who we really are and what we are here for. We recover the sacred in ourselves, in each other, and in the Earth. We meet ourselves in our fullness, activate our life’s purpose, and begin to ‘real-ize’ our greatest dreams.
Dr. Lotus Linton

Dr. Lotus Linton’s healing and teaching practice is dedicated to Soul-Realization for personal and planetary awakening. Her evocative style calls forth the inner wisdom of her clients and her audiences in a variety of Soulspring programs:

  Contact Lotus Linton, Ph.D. at: or (206) 675-0495.